Assists users with the design of crochet bead ropes
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Designs crochet bead ropes and simulates the entire design procedure. Displays the results of the simulation, before you can start to actually work on it. The changes can be applied directly to the simulation without the need to interrupt something along the way.

DB-BEAD is a program to help you design crochet bead ropes.
The technique of designing such ropes is described in the book 'Bead Crochet Ropes' by Judith Bertoglio-Giffin and also in the book Gehäkelte Glasperlenketten' written by Lotti Gygax. Creation of such rope is very hard, but with the DB-BEAD the result is very beautiful. The application lets you simulate the design of your rope, before you start working on it, to preview the results. You can make changes directly on the screen.

It runs in Windows but it can run also on Linux and Mac using VM.

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